Who Can I Call With A Tax Question?

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Taxes are an anxiety-inducing pastime for many. Every year, thousands of people seek tax advice for their yearly tax returns, previous years’ tax return, or for general IRS tax questions.

If you are having issues with your tax return or you owe money to the IRS, you could benefit from the help of a tax professional. There are even some free or low-cost options when it comes to Denver tax preparation services. Learn more about your tax options below.

Best Services to Help with Taxes

Tax preparation isn’t always the easiest thing to understand. Many people have questions regarding how to prepare their taxes and how much they owe.

Unfortunately, calling the IRS directly with these questions isn’t always feasible. In fact, the agency frequently reports tax backlogging issues. This makes it virtually impossible to speak to a live representative with your tax questions and concerns. Luckily, there are plenty of other options when it comes to Denver tax preparation services. Read up on the alternative options below so you can get immediate help with your taxes.

Community-based Tax Centers

There are many free to low-cost tax centers available for Denver community members. At these centers, you can get help filing your tax returns, addressing issues from your last filing, and accounting help. Many of these centers are run by volunteers who are trained in either accounting or tax aid. For those still in college, check for on-campus assistance. Many colleges offer free tax services and accounting help for students.

Online Tax Forums

Tax forums are a good initial step when it comes to DIY taxes. Many tax software offers online forums where you can ask questions or peruse answers to previously asked questions. Unfortunately, many free, downloadable tax services offer forums or a professional tax opinion for an extra price. Be aware of any extra charges when seeking out online forums, as well as misinformation from other users.

OIRS Taxpayer Assistance

The IRS does offer an in-person tax assistance option for those who would prefer to meet someone face-to-face. This could be a good way to meet with an IRS representative if you can’t reach someone over the phone. For in-person IRS assistance, locate your local Taxpayer Assistance Center and make an appointment. Hours vary per office, but most are only open during the weekday work hours. For those working a typical nine to five, this option isn’t the most accessible.

Denver Tax Preparation Services

One of the most flexible ways to seek tax preparation assistance is through a local tax advisor. These professional tax accountants are well-versed in any type of tax filing issues. They can even help you square away any debts you have to the IRS with budgeting and accounting tips. Best of all, these firms are available to help when you need and can be flexible with your schedule and budget. For the best tax planning and filing services, contact Denver Tax Advisor.