Where Can I Get Extra Tax Help?

extra tax

As tax season approaches, get the help you need with Denver tax resources perfect for this year’s filing. Whether you are filing yourself, or with the help of a tax advisor, tax resources can help. Easily file electronically with a tax checklist and planner. These tax resources can assist in determining how and when to file. Review these Denver tax resources here. 

Free Denver Tax Resources

Free tax resources help you file with ease. Use the tax checklist, tax and audit planner, and blog for your 2021 tax filing. 

Tax Checklist

This checklist simplifies tax filing and helps outline what you’ll need before submission. A tax filing checklist helps with tax preparedness. Take the stress out of tax filing with a simple tax checklist that you can consult any time of year. 

With this checklist discover:

  • How to prepare basic information before filing
  • What documents you’ll need to submit
  • How to calculate your income and expenses
  • Important due dates and tax filing extension dates
  • Other information for business and rental property owners

Tax Planner 2021

Maximize your tax return using a comprehensive tax planning guide. This tax planner helps organize all your tax information before filing. Compile all your income, expenses, and paperwork in one place for easy reference. Using a tax planner also helps minimize the risk of the audit while increasing your chance of finding deductions. 

Audit Defense Plan 2021

Avoid the stressful experience of an audit with this audit defense plan. Tax audits can happen to anyone, but you don’t have to go through it alone. Denver tax professionals take each audit seriously. For an affordable annual fee, your IRS correspondence will be personally addressed by a professional tax advisor. Choose from three different tiers that provide exceptional tax audit services.


A tax blog is a great place for tax tips, strategies, and other resources. File your taxes the right way with insight from professional tax advisors. Your tax preparation and filing will be done in no time – no matter your level of expertise. Brush up on tax skills and knowledge no matter the time of year with these Denver tax resources. 

Find a Tax Advisor

If you need more information regarding these Denver tax resources, turn to a Denver tax advisor for help. Tax professionals apply a higher level of expertise to your tax filing. Using their education and skills, they can help you file correctly every time. A tax advisor can even assist you during a tax audit. File online with the help of a Denver tax professional – whether you are filing for personal or business taxes. Find out more about the tax process, ask tax-related questions, get a personal accountant, and more.  Experience a unique strategy to tax preparation and filing. Take the stress out of taxes with the help of high-quality service from an experienced Denver tax advisor. No matter your background and personal knowledge, a tax advisor can help through both hands-on and hands-off experience. Learn more about tax filing and preparedness techniques when filing your Denver taxes.