What Other Services do Tax Advisors Offer?

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Need a tax advisor? Are you not sure? This is the place to start. We want to be your tax experts and help guide you through a world of complicated paperwork that shouldn’t slow you down when it comes to your career, your properties, your businesses, and more.

Tax Preparation

Of course, the main specialty of any good tax advisor is tax preparation. We specialize in building tax plans for individuals and businesses that can maximize the money you save, or even get back in returns. We explore all solutions and are always available to provide help and consultation during your tax season. Tax preparation is about assisting you through one of the most challenging and stressful parts of finances. Our job is to make it easy.

Trust and Estate Taxes

There’s a lot that comes with the passing of a loved one. You need to decide funeral arrangements and costs therein. You also will find yourself sifting through the legal paperwork of one’s last will and the estate they leave behind. In your time of mourning, the burden of filing taxes on estates shouldn’t be something you have to deal with. We aim to make filing an estate tax return as simple as possible and provide expert advice to you during the process so you feel at ease with the choices you make.

Starting Your Own Business

Starting a new business is exciting, but it’s not all just about the passion that got you there. It’s about costs, securing leases, securing licenses, and filing your taxes properly with the IRS. We’ll handle your small business tax filing and paperwork by managing your taxes, keeping an eye on deadlines, and letting you get back to doing what it is you love and set out to do with your career. We can also help you establish your entity type and structure your business tax parameters correctly. We offer solutions and services each year when it comes to business tax prep.

Employee Stock Options

ISO, or incentive stock options, are a great way for established businesses to retain talent. Also in that pool is non-qualified stock options (NSO), restricted stock units (RSU), and employee stock purchase plans (ESPP). All of this may sound confusing, but that’s where we come in. We can help you develop a strategy for exercising your options, when to make elections, how to minimize your tax, and more. There’s a whole world in employee stock options and we want to be your guide through it.

Rental Property Taxes

Do you own a rental property? We’ve developed expert experience when it comes to managing the taxes around rental properties or even investment properties for LLCs. This means preparing your taxes when it comes a time, advice on structuring transactions, we’ll help you understand depreciation and capital gains, and more. Think of us as your guide into the world of investment and rental properties. Search to find a tax advisor near me and find out more about how we can assist you with your tax preparation, business, rental properties, and more.