What is Tax Preparation?

Tax Time

Every year, individuals with taxable income face tax season with some degree of apprehension. The reason is not simply caused by hoping for a high return or a fear that you might owe money. The majority of the time, the nerves that we feel associated with taxes are actually related to tax preparation and the intricacies that can come with it. To help, we have created this simple guide to tax preparation.

Your Taxes and You

If you are an individual who is bringing in a taxable income, you will end up needing to prepare your taxes on an annual basis. Typical individuals pay taxes whenever they make an amount of money that is higher than the annual threshold for exemption. If you choose to, you can prepare these taxes yourself, use an online service, or work with a tax preparer.

What is Involved with Tax Preparation?

Tax preparation is a process that involves compiling all of your income, all of your expenses, and all of your deductions in one place. To manage your taxes, you will need to organize paperwork and fill out a variety of pages to accurately convey your tax situation—and how much you owe or deserve—to federal and state government agencies.

Tax Preparation Includes:

  • Understanding and navigating tax laws
  • Compiling important personal information and paperwork
  • Tracking expenses
  • Identifying tax deductions or credits
  • Submitting finalized tax forms to the government for review

What Do Tax Preparers Do?

Tax preparation is something that you can do on your own, but the majority of people choose not to. Given the amount of paperwork and legal information associated with taxes, you will often find that it can be difficult to navigate without a high level of expertise. This is where a tax preparer or tax preparation service can come in handy.

Tax preparers are individuals that have specifically been trained to navigate tax laws, tax paperwork, and the requirements of the annual tax season. These talented individuals are able to help their clients effortlessly navigate the tax seasons—and tax-related matters as they come up throughout the year.

Tax Preparation Services Can:

  • Help taxpayers identify the right paperwork needed to file
  • Assist with determining overall income and expenses
  • Determine which tax laws apply to your circumstances
  • Identify all applicable deductions for added savings
  • Provide accounting services throughout the year (in some cases)

Making the Best Choice for Your Next Tax Season

Tax preparation is not a simple process, but it can be easy with the right partner. A tax preparation service can give you peace of mind and help you to learn more about your taxes and how you can make them work for you. Whether you choose to prepare your own taxes or work with a service, in the end, tax preparation is all about ensuring that you don’t owe the government any money and that you get yours back if they owe you. With a tax expert, tax preparation can be easy and free from the stresses of trying to handle it yourself!