Tips for Hiring the Best Tax Consultant

Best Tax Consultant

Hiring a tax consultant has many benefits. Whether you need help with your yearly taxes or you’re looking to pay off a tax debt, a tax consultant can help. However, it can be difficult to find the best tax consultant for your needs. Not all consultants have the experience or credentials that are necessary for guiding you through your tax questions. Review these easy tips for finding the best tax consultant in Denver when you need help with filing. 

Shop Around

You don’t have to commit to the first tax consultant you research. It’s important to shop around before making any firm decisions. You have the right to end any service you receive from a consultant, so don’t feel pressured to continue with unsatisfactory service. When shopping around, be wary of potential scams or inexperienced tax consultants. No consultant should promise a certain refund amount or deductions before reviewing your information. If you’re coming down to the wire on tax deadlines, try filing for an extension while you continue your search. It’s better to find an experienced and trustworthy tax consultant rather than submit your tax return with errors. 

Confirm Certifications

Professional tax consultants are required by the IRS to register a preparer tax identification number or PTIN. This identification number should be recorded on the tax return that they prepare for you, and they cannot legally receive payment from you without it. 

To hire a credentialed preparer, try researching the IRS’ directory. This should recognize any professional preparer’s credentials so you can have peace of mind that you’re working with an IRS accredited person. Whether you hire an enrolled agent, certified public accountant, or licensed attorney to help with your taxes, make sure that they have the correct certifications and requirements to file your taxes correctly and on time. 

Set Up an Interview

Once you have a few credited tax consultants picked out, it’s time to set up interviews with each of them. Interviews help you get to know your future tax consultant and ensure that you’ll work well together. Find a time that works well for you and connect via Zoom, phone call, or in-person appointment.

The first thing you should do during your interview is to ask for any references that the tax consultant may have. You can contact these references later to confirm the reliability and trustworthiness of the consultant. Keep questions simple and encourage the consultant to be candid in their answers.

Some common questions to ask a tax consultant in Denver are:

  • Do you have any areas that you specialize in?
  • Do you have licenses or accreditations for these specializations?
  • When did you gain your accreditation and how long have you been in business?
  • How long will it take you to finish preparing my taxes?
  • What do you need from me to complete my return?
  • Are your fees negotiable and can you provide negotiations in writing?
  • What is your professional opinion on how much I am paying on my taxes?
  • Can I receive a copy of your privacy policy?
  • Do you personally perform the work or outsource it to others in the office?

If you need further assistance hiring the best tax consultant, call us today for more information.