Do I Need a Tax Advisor?

With tax season right around the corner and bringing all of the financial stress along with it, many business owners and affluent individuals are considering the options for preparation and filing. Any major life change will affect your taxes, and some of these adjustments may be very complicated and require the expert touch of a professional advisor. Even if they don’t do the filing for you, they can help you get started and on the right track to avoid dangerous errors that could be devastating financially when the IRS catches up with you.

What A Tax Advisor Does

The major specialty that a tax advisor does for an individual or business is the tax preparation. A Denver tax advisor will build a unique tax plan, revolving around maximizing your wealth and after-tax income. This tax plan will include solutions and processes in place to organize documents, track and record deductions, write-offs, and expenses, as well as help guide you to knowing where you can cut costs and get more on a return.

These planning services are the most beneficial part of a tax advisor’s role in your life or business, but it doesn’t end there. Beyond that, Denver Tax Advisors will work to help you as either an individual filing or a business, bringing together structure and explaining laws and requirements for certain tax breaks and deductions.

Hiring locally can also improve the quality of work and service you receive. At Denver Tax Advisors, we understand this economy, the laws, and the common struggles that tax-payers face.

How A Tax Advisor Benefits You

The biggest benefit of hiring a Denver tax advisor is their ability to reduce your stress, minimize the chance for errors, and increase your cash flow. Plus, it helps with learning and understanding about laws and loopholes for getting more out of your year when it’s translated on paper. They can also help provide specialized services, depending on your needs, such as:

  • Tax liability reduction
  • IRS problem solving
  • Estate tax help
  • Tax review & consultation

All of this on top of the general tax preparation services creates a very valuable ally to have as either a business owner or individual with many financial aspects to consider during tax filing.

Who Needs A Tax Advisor

For most of the average working class, doing taxes on your own or through an affordable online service is the best route of action. However, for business owners or many other individuals with a lot of life changes lately, a tax advisor could offer valuable assistance and input. If you fall into any of the following categories, contacting us for a consult could save you time and money and a great deal of stress:

  • You own or run a business
  • You buy or sell property
  • You are an investor with many investments
  • You have itemized expenses
  • You are not good at accounting

Reaching out for assistance during tax season is nothing to be ashamed of. 77% of taxpayers have reported having a much easier time during this process with third-party tax preparation services.

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